Unruly Woman



Tabloid headline on fridge, “Hubby Glues Gabby Wife’s Mouth Shut”

Previous Convo

Jackie (reading tabloid BUNK!): Ha! Roseanne, listen to this. “Utah housewife stabs husband thirty-seven times.”

Roseanne: I admire her restraint.

“… women might begin to reweave the web of visual power that already binds them by taking the unruly woman as a model–woman as rule-breaker, joke-maker, and public, bodily spectacle…. Mary Russo notes that the category of the grotesque is often projected on the female body when it makes a spectacle of itself through… violation of proper feminine bodily containment. She asks how this category might be used ‘affirmatively to destabilize the idealizations of female beauty or to realign the mechanisms of desire’ (221). In acts of spectatorial unruliness (emphasis added), I believe, we might examine models of returning the male gaze, exposing and making a spectacle of the gazer, claiming the pleasure and power of making spectacles of ourselves, and beginning to negate our own invisibility in the public sphere.”

Rowe, Kathleen Karlyn. THE UNRULY WOMAN: GENDER AND THE GENRES OF LAUGHTER. Austin: The University of Texas Press, 1995. Print. 12.


“You’re lucky I don’t take all your money considering you made me watch this all afternoon.”

Hannah (Lena Dunham) to Adam (Adam Driver) as he gets off on her watching and degrading him while masturbating, on GIRLS S1.E5 “Hard Being Easy”