I somehow missed posting these, but this past summer I contributed two posts to Girls Like Giants, the blog run in part by my Oregon-based media studies colleague Phoebe B. The first, “Walking into Bars, Baring It All,” is a review of Rachel Dratch’s memoir Girl Walks into a Bar… The second is a chat with Phoebe on “Divas, Lawyers, and Why ‘Drop Dead Diva’ Is the Best Summer Show You Are Not Watching.” Neither topic is currently in my dissertation, but aspects of each relate to some issues I’m teasing out in the diss. There might be future related posts here as well: after the Dratch post, I completed a series of female comic memoirs so I’d like to think a little bit more about those, and Drop Dead Diva had a monumental season finale twist that could make the next season a must-watch for anyone interested in gender and sexuality, although I’ll probably wait until the next season to see how the show handles it.


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