Big Fat Emmy


My job in the department this summer involves going through an extensive VHS collection for our Media Library, and I’ve found a few gems along the way. This famous clip comes from the 1998 Primetime Emmy Awards broadcast. I didn’t realize it, but that particular Emmy show was the fiftieth anniversary of the awards, so it ends up being its own kind of history of television, incorporating multiple segments on the past and projected future of the medium. It’s a fascinating time capsule for that historicization of itself and for the way that it captures its own time through its promos for new and returning shows, and its advertisements. I’m hoping I can include it in a future class.

I decided to upload this clip because when I’ve searched for it in the past, it seems to disappear too fast. Maybe the same will happen with this, but I thought I’d give the upload a try just in case. At least now I have a hard copy for future reference.


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