Cleavers and Munsters

“…. the original format for The Munsters was written by Allan Burns (my note: co-creator of The Mary Tyler Moore Showand Chris Hayward, and the show was produced and scripted by Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher, the creators of Leave It to Beaver (CBS/ABC [US], 1957-63). Connolly and Mosher’s link to this earlier family sitcom is particularly significant, in that it suggests a direct continuum from the earlier, ‘straight’ incarnations of the genre to these Gothic family sitcoms…. Indeed, on numerous occasions throughout The Munsters’ two year run, Herman Munster, a big fan of television, makes reference to the family sitcom and often quotes Leave It to Beaver. This not only serves to ironically underscore the very ‘everydayness’ of these monsters…, but also knowingly acknowledges their TV ancestry.”

Wheatley, Helen. Gothic Television. Manchester and New York: Manchester University Press, 2006. Print. p. 128-9.


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