Transgressing Transgression

“Foucault, in ‘A Preface to Transgression’ (1963) defines transgression… as the crossing of a boundary–a going further–but argued that this then set up a new boundary which was in its turn to be transgressed. What you then have is a transgressive spiral which at least in theory is interminable. From that point of view, transgression can define no final goal, and there can never be any final mastery; it is rather a process of continuously shifting boundaries…. As Jeffrey Weeks has said, transgression may be the cutting edge, but it is continually cutting itself away, undermining itself….”

Wilson, Elizabeth. “Is Transgression Transgressive?” Activating Theory: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual PoliticsEd. Joseph Bristow and Angelia R. Wilson. London: Lawrence and Wishart, 1993. Print. p. 109-10.


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