Linking and Leveling

“(Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s) pop culture nostalgia, co-mingling of genres,… and self-aware dialogue demand that viewers engage their knowledge of other texts…. This type of text prepares viewers to anticipate fluidity in their interactions with the media. When these TV and filmic intertextual moments are coupled with viewers’ experience on the Internet, they can make sense of (Sarah Michelle) Gellar‘s and other teen television stars’ movements across media through the analogy of linking. Just as a website is set up with links to other pages, Gellar’s primary star image and character, Buffy Summers, is now linked to other media texts and characters through her films, games, products, fan sites, and publicity materials….

“Star linking also contributes to a leveling of the traditional hierarchy of entertainment media that posits film as the pinnacle of an actor’s career. Traditionally, an actor or actress would either begin his or her career in television and eventually leave it when he or she found success in film…. (Millennial television teen actors) tend to use film as a way to expand their audiences and their career potential, yet they remain committed to the medium in which they first attained stardom….”

Murray, Susan. “I Know What You Did Last Summer: Sarah Michelle Gellar and Crossover Teen Stardom.” Undead TV: Essays on Buffy the Vampire SlayerEd. Elana Levine and Lisa Parks. Durham, NC, and London: Duke University Press. 2007. Print. p. 51.


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