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Final slide from final keynote at Reality Gendervision, originally via

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  1. Catie said:

    Hi there,

    I found your blog while looking up my professor Kathleen Rowe Karlyn after I took a course by her titled “Female Stars”. I find your work on corpulence fascinating and the entire field of media studies to be particularly real and telling of how gender and types are reinforced and/or challenged. “Selfies” have always troubled me, especially female selfies and the general response of support and compliments that ensue a macbook selfie post. Can you please tell me more about this slide? Is there any academic or theoretical work done on the girl-selfie in our social media submerged world? I find the selfie to be oppressive to the individual girl and her community as its positive public response ignores the blatant vanity, competitive nature, and immodest showcasing of beauty as it is hidden behind a mask of wholesomeness and innocence; constructions of femininity that our “post-feminist” world has dismissed as broken apart. The selfie of a girl’s face smiling confirms gender norms that are unrealistic as well as persisting the notion that a girl is only her beauty and that she is fine with that. After taking Karlyn’s class and exploring the prominence of women as images, I think stars and their ability to be many “girls”, without seeming challenging in their complications, is the root of the selfies as it is a perfect medium to represent yourself as versions of girl-constructions. Am I crazy??? or are selfies and their support a confirmation of patriarchy and reinforcement of sexist ideologies?


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