Eugenics and Demographics

The bulk of what we do is demographically pure. We want to reach upscale working women without diluting the audience. To me, the attractiveness we’ve provided advertisers in the advent of people meters is a predictable demographic profile. It’s a safety net to advertisers.”

Tom Burchill, President, Lifetime Cabletelevision Network to ADVERTISING AGE, 1988

“The language used here is that of chemistry but also that of fascism. James Fennimore, president of Cable Networks, Inc., makes it even clearer. ‘We’ve deleted the old, poor and underemployed from the viewing mix,’ he told VARIETY. Fennimore’s article explains that while cable executives may only be able to deliver one thousand homes, they deliver a ‘quality’ one thousand homes….”

Feuer, Jane. SEEING THROUGH THE EIGHTIES: TELEVISION AND REAGANISM. Durham NC and London: Duke University Press, 1995. Print. 54.


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