Lowering the Glass Ceiling?

“Mulling the failure of CBS and FOX to adequately consider women writers as a source of creativity for their networks is a low point for the 2012-2013 pilot season. But there is a high point, even though it seems snarky, because this year, more than most in the past, women wrote pilots that were every bit as awful as the men. For the first time in recent memory, or at least in my reading of pilots, women were allowed to be as bad and as mediocre as the men and that is the best measure of progress. So onwards and upwards (or downwards as the case may be) and let’s keep an eye out for everyone. And, as has been asked many times in the past, WHAT ABOUT WRITERS OF COLOR?”

Swanson, Neely. “How Did Women Pilot Writers Fare in 2012?” DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD 22 May 2012. Web.

Postscript:Two days later, Josef Adalian of NEW YORK magazine’s VULTURE section posted this roundtable from six female showrunners on their experiences in the industry and their insights about the current state of television. Emily Kapnek, creator of SUBURGATORY, added this.

“I think true equality comes when we stop differentiating between the female shows and the male shows. The male shows aren’t under the same scrutiny, and they’re not really referred to as male shows either. There’s been so much emphasis this year on the female shows and female creators and female stars and female writers. It’s not that it hasn’t been great and empowering. But at some point, that can’t be the most interesting thing about my show. It better not be.”


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