More Like a Hazy Shade of Feminism

“ ‘Girls,’ the prodigiously acclaimed comedy about women of post-college age living in Brooklyn, would seem to warrant mention here, as well. Far from glamorizing sex with egregious power imbalances, the show explores sexual abjection as the penalty the culture exacts on the average-looking woman for the offense of her averageness. It’s a radical idea, really, as if culled from the pages of a ’70s manifesto. On the show, the creator and star, Lena Dunham, 24, juxtaposes the fate of her own fleshy and unkempt alter ego, joylessly bossed about by a sexual narcissist, against the fate of a friend whose beauty ensures her an overly solicitous romantic attachment. That this attractive woman grows bored with her boyfriend — in the manner of the wealthy getting weary of their yachts and their lobsters — is more inevitability than subversion.”

Ginia Bellafante, “The New Shades of Feminism?”, THE NEW YORK TIMES, Su4-21-12

Not sure I agree with this, but we’ll see how the show develops the characters over the course of the season


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