Shuttering Posterous

So in completing the last post, I got the news that Posterous has been acquired by Twitter. Of course, the language is all self-congratulatory for the Posterous team, but doesn’t sound so cheery for Posterous users. Lots of “we’ll give you ample time” statements about what might happen to the spaces. Very frustrating.

I chose to move my blog over to Posterous last year because I wanted a better interface and more connectivity with other social networking spaces than Blogger could provide, that allowed for comments in a way that Tumblr does not. I also did not want to feel primarily responsible for finding a host and building a site like I sensed I would need to do for WordPress. I also liked the ease of the email post option. It took me a while to decide what to do when I knew I wanted to move my blog. I didn’t make the decision lightly. I thought long and hard to see what made the most sense for me, and after all avenues were explored, Posterous seemed to be it. So after a year, that all seems for naught.

The best decision I guess I made was to autopost almost everything from this site to my original same-named Blogger site, so I don’t necessarily even have to worry about “migrating” everything over, since most of it should already be there. I also autoposted almost everything to my same-named Twitter account, so there’s a secondary kind of back up. While it’s not all dissertation material, I do tend to think of the blog as my scratch pad. In fact, I opened a private Posterous space just a week or two ago so that I could log internet items for the dissertation not easily posted to Twitter.

In the comments for the Posterous-Twitter “merger” announcement, one user wrote that this is just another reminder for why it’s so important to host your blog on your own server. I wish it weren’t true but I can certainly see why that is. The fact is, even in this world of virtual data, the ones who win are still those who own the means of production, even if it’s more code than material technology.

I’ll continue to post here until further notice, but again, keeping as many back-ups as possible, then likely migrate fully back to Blogger once final word comes down about Posterous’ finale. In the grand scheme of things, I wasn’t here long, but I’m still sad to see it go.


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