Sunday Night Fights

So much to watch, so little time. Sunday nights are my busiest viewing night of the week, and frankly, I’m kind of over it. I was glad for the reprieve from DOWNTON ABBEY and THE GOOD WIFE overlapping, until I realized that the first “off-week” included the Oscars. Tonight THE GOOD WIFE resumes at the same time as ABC’s new series GCB, while one hour earlier,  Lifetime tries a two-hour spring premiere for the sixth season of its soapy summer hit ARMY WIVES. By the end of March, I’ll be adding MAD MEN to the repertoire. Madness, indeed. Of course, I can watch them all at different times of the week, but having to figure out when and then frontloading all the viewing at the busy beginning of the week is irritating. Come on, programmers. Spread the wealth and give a Media Studies girl a break.


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