Psych Breaks

Gus: (Answers phone) ‘Sup, Baby?

Chief: Listen, Mr. Guster, we’re all happy that you can manage to captivate the honeys or whatever it is, but right now you are on my time.

Gus: (To phone) Can you hold on one second? (To Chief) Actually Chief, I’m on my time. I almost lost my life an hour ago, and I’m sick of it. Last night Gus had it right, and I don’t wanna sit here wastin’ another moment when I could be livin’ the life I was meant to live, ballin’ and shotcallin’. So if you don’t mind, I’m gonna keep it one hundy and take this call. (Goes back to phone)

Shawn: Buddy…

Gus: Sorry, Shawn. It’s hard out there for a pimp. (Walks out)

Shawn: It’s true, Chief. He’s gotta make money for the rent.


From PSYCH, S6.E2, “Last Night Gus”



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