My Vote’s for Liz Lemon Meringue

“….Ben & Jerry’s flavors are supposed to be named after left-wing darlings and hippie icons–Jerry Garcia, Stephen Colbert, John Lennon, the dudes from Phish, Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews, Monty Python, Elton John. And then, as I recalled the people who have been immortalized in your ice cream, it hit me: They’re all white guys.”

“I did some research and learned that in 33 years of business you’ve released just one limited-edition flavor honoring a woman. That woman is Hannah Teter, a two-time Olympic medal-winning snowboarder and activist. And you called it ‘Maple Blondie’. Hold on … don’t tell me … because she has blonde hair, right? And you have never named an ice cream after a person of color, although, to your credit, you temporarily changed the flavor ‘Butter Pecan’ to ‘Yes Pecan’ in scoop shops to honor Obama’s inauguration and briefly changed ‘Chubby Hubby’ to ‘Hubby Hubby’ in Vermont scoop shops to celebrate marriage equality in the state (and featured an interracial pair of grooms on the pint).

“But come on, guys, it’s 2011. And you’re supposed to be a progressive, conscientious company committed to social justice and sustainability. I know, it’s just ice cream, but you obviously take yourselves seriously….”

“The 2012 GOP presidential candidates are more diverse than the entire Ben & Jerry’s flavor collection. So was George W. Bush’s cabinet. By a lot.

“Now that you’ve added Alec Baldwin and his Schweddy Balls to the list, you’ve named two flavors after an SNL hosts (sic) and a former cast member in six months. How hard would it be to come up with an ice cream named after someone from SNL who isn’t a white guy? Liz Lemon Meringue. Chris Rock-y Road. Flip Your Wiig Fudge. I just made those up off the top of my head. You get my point–it’s doable.”

Annie Shields, “An Open Letter to Ben and Jerry”, MS. Magazine Blog


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