Gender, Production, and PROHIBITION

“….Not taking anything away from Mr. Burn’ (sic) work but the invisibility of Ms. Novick is just not acceptable, especially because the film is hers too.

“But the point is even if they are partners Mr. Burns wanted to make clear that he is the brand and the name and that some partners are just, well, a little bit better.

“‘While some partners are more equal than others — i.e., and I think she would agree with this, I have the final creative say if there were a disagreement’ (sic)

“You are either a partner and an equal or you are not.  Think about that logic.  Think about how you could explain that to your teenager.  Please.  I find that comment so condescending.”

Melissa Silverstein on the in/visibility of Ken Burns’ production partner Lynn Novick in WOMEN AND HOLLYWOOD


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