Readying Retta

PARKS AND RECREATION star Retta looked fantastic on the Red Carpet at the Emmys this past Sunday night, even earning a Best Dressed nomination from the E!’s FASHION POLICE, but I was still surprised to find this video on her Emmy dress fitting. She’s not the lead character of her show. She wasn’t specifically nominated for an award–her show was–and she’s certainly doesn’t fit the conventional mold of a Hollywood star, even an up-and-coming starlet, but maybe that’s part of the idea: that she’s a little bit more like the Everyperson, the audience, getting gussied up for a special night at an exclusive event she might not normally get invited to. And you gotta love the name of the store, Film Fashion, like some kind of archetypal Hollywood store where all movie stars shop.

UPDATE: A second video posted on the main PARKS AND RECREATION site follows Retta getting ready for the red carpet.


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