Race, Size, and Stardom

I finally found a copy of the September 2011 SISTER 2 SISTER featuring the Queen Latifah cover and interview, and no, she doesn’t come out. BUT there are still some interesting tidbits, including this one with publisher and interviewer Jamie Foster Brown on race, size, and stardom.


Jamie: Now, so you being a beautiful, voluptuous, “vibratious”, plus-size woman, has that helped in the industry at all, Latifah? I remember Kym Whitley saying to me–I think it was Kym who said, “Jamie, actually being a bigger woman, as a Black girl in Hollywood, is better than being a skinny woman because you can get more roles”. And I thought that was very interesting. I guess it’s because skinny, really pretty, sexy Black women wouldn’t be chosen over White girls, I guess?

Queen Latifah: I haven’t really thought about it in that particular context, and I can’t say that it’s better or worse to be a curvaceous woman like myself.

Jamie: Mm-hmm.

Queen Latifah: However, I think I’ve just tried to establish a sense of pride, a sense of inner beauty, confidence, and it was more important for me to just to be myself (sic) and show that example. It’s worked for me because I feel like I’ve just been me, and there’s no other person out there like me. We’re all individuals; we’re all different. So for me to try to be a different actress, or try to lose weight specifically to try to follow someone else’s path when it’s not really me, I felt I would be doing the young women out there who do look like me a disservice.


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