More With McCarthy

Word comes from Melissa Silverstein at WOMEN AND HOLLYWOOD on more work for Melissa McCarthy. The link has a video of McCarthy talking about her exciting over hosting SNL.
“The Melissa McCarthy express is keeping on rolling.  She has just signed up to host the 2nd episode of SNL, and she was signed on for a new film called ID Theft with Jason Bateman. The big news about this is that the film was, of course, written for two guys, but Bateman loved McCarthy and had them retool the the script so they could co-star together.  The premise is that one person steals the identity of the other.  The female characters usually get switched to male not the other way around.

“….In addition, I was curious about McCarthy’s SNL hosting gig and wondered how many non skinny women have hosted.  So I took a look, and here are the women who I wouldn’t call conventionally (or Hollywood thin) who have hosted SNL:

“Maureen Stepleton, Bea Arthur, Oprah, Roseanne, Delta Burke, Kirstie Alley, Rosie O’Donnell, Nia Vardalos, Queen Latifah and Gabourey Sidibe.”


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