Image Is the Thing That Makes the Difference

I’ve been teaching this “Introduction to Celebrity Studies” class this summer so I’ve been on the lookout for any mentions of “celebrity” to use as interesting examples for the class to discuss. Here’s one I can’t believe I forgot about. I was filling up my car at the gas station on a trip back to Bloomington when I heard a car sputtering near the entrance. It pulled close to a parking spot in front of my car and stalled before the owner was able to cajole it into the parking space. It was an old rusty peachy-colored station wagon, and as I glanced over to the license plate, wondering how long it might have taken the drivers to get to town in it, I realized it was a Chevrolet Celebrity. Chevy made sedan and station wagon versions in the late eighties, and here’s the kicker: I owned a sedan! It was my second car, chocolate-brown exterior and rusty-brown interior (Gorgeous, right?), purchased around this time of year TWO DECADES AGO. It had to be around this time because I had to buy the car before I started college, which would have been mid-August 1991. I’d wrecked my first car in the spring and had to borrow my parents’ or do without until I could save up enough money for the second car, which I needed for school. And to visit my long-distance boyfriend. Sadly my Celebrity bit the dust by 1992, but thankfully Chevy’s intentions for the image of the original live on in this rioutous sales training video from 1989.


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