Why Do I Always…

wind up watching SEX & THE CITY reruns in syndication on basic cable? There’s no especially good reason for me to watch them. I have the big pink box set, and the reruns are edited all to hell. But it doesn’t matter: anytime I run across one I wind up watching it. The most sense I can make of it is that with these reruns there’s an element of chance that makes watching them irresistable, and if the episodes are out of order I get to see them in a new light. And it even becomes a game to pay attention to the editing, to try to figure out what’s been left out and how it fits in to what’s left. Although I could do without all the editing, the SATC rerun experience does make me realize I’d probably be happy with an endless, out of order SATC channel, even if I couldn’t control it, just to have the opportunity to keep watching the episodes in a different light snd making even more different meanings out of them.


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