I’m so glad that with BRIDESMAIDS and her Emmy nom, Melissa McCarthy is finally gaining more acclaim, but let’s be clear here: MIKE & MOLLY is a profoundly unoriginal and unfunny comedy, and the Molly character doesn’t hold a candle to Sookie St. James. Considering the undeserved attention MIKE & MOLLY is continuing to get, I couldn’t help but wonder why DROP DEAD DIVA and its fantastic star Brooke Elliott haven’t received more accolades. While I wasn’t a fan of the show at the beginning, and I still struggle with some of the underlying logics of the narrative, I would still argue that it’s the most entertaining legal dramedy on television today and that no other TV show portrays a fat female character (lead, no less!) with such complexity, charisma, and dynamism. Of course it helps that Brooke Elliott is a triple threat actor/singer/dancer with Broadway work under her belt as well. Maybe the issue is basic cable prejudice against Lifetime? Who knows, but here’s hoping that more recognition will come soon.


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