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Text below: “Everyone’s favorite spud isn’t lounging on the couch anymore: Mr. Potato Head has slimmed down significantly for the launch of a new Active Adventures toy line coming out this August. If the tater were 5 foot 10 in real life, he would have dropped 22 inches off his waistline–all the better for fitting into his first ever pair of pants.” From FOOD NETWORK MAGAZINE, July/August 2011, p. 42

Also check out article from February 2011 GLAMOUR on Mrs. Potato Head’s weight loss, as well as the slimming of several other popular toys.…

wind up watching SEX & THE CITY reruns in syndication on basic cable? There’s no especially good reason for me to watch them. I have the big pink box set, and the reruns are edited all to hell. But it doesn’t matter: anytime I run across one I wind up watching it. The most sense I can make of it is that with these reruns there’s an element of chance that makes watching them irresistable, and if the episodes are out of order I get to see them in a new light. And it even becomes a game to pay attention to the editing, to try to figure out what’s been left out and how it fits in to what’s left. Although I could do without all the editing, the SATC rerun experience does make me realize I’d probably be happy with an endless, out of order SATC channel, even if I couldn’t control it, just to have the opportunity to keep watching the episodes in a different light snd making even more different meanings out of them.

Along with the NPR series mentioned below, I’ve noticed a couple of other food-related websites popping up on news sites around the web. CNN‘s Eatocracy and PBS‘s PBS Food both seem to be trying to appeal to foodie experiences, perhaps trying to hone in on some of Food Network‘s traffic. Conversely Food Network tweeted today about its own new blog Healthy Eats, and Utne Reader started a series on food and political issues last year that seems to have changed its name from Food Fight to The Sweet Pursuit.